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> What is it ?

  The iPSi library is an OS Independent library, written in C++, which allow users to capture, handle and display easily many M-JPEG IP cameras.

  In most cases, IP cameras operate differently regarding to its mark. But the library take care of these differences, and their configurations are loaded from an XML file. This allow users to add a non-yet-supported camera to the library by simply creating a new XML file (explanations on how to do this are in the documentation).

  The library permit users to capture, handle and display different types of flow : from an IP camera, from a series of pictures stored on the disk (many format are supported).

  iPSi also provide a solution to command Pan Tilt Zoom camera by clicking on it display or directly sending custom commands.

  In the long run, the library will be compatible with FireWire and USB camera and will support others flow types (MJPEG-4, Raw, ...).

> Latest News

16/08/2006 :
> Opening of this sourceforge account.

17/04/2006 :
> Beginning of the project.
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